Laptop RAM Repair and Replacement

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Laptop RAM Repair and Replacement

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the hardware in a computer that stores the operating system (OS), application programmes, and data in use so that the CPU can access them rapidly.The CPU and RAM are the major components that define a computer's speed. But no one likes a slow laptop, right? There's nothing to worry about though, because we have got you covered with our top-notch services of RAM Repair and Replacement.

We at Lapstro provide a number of laptop services including RAM repair and replacement.

Why Choose Lapstro?

Are you in need of a RAM repair/ replacement in Bangalore?You've come to the correct location.Lapstro  is available in Bangalore for all the brands. Qualified technicians with 10+ decades work expertise will fix your device.Our

Professionals Will Provide You With The Highest Quality Service At The Lowest Price.If you are seeking for a local Desktop repair service facility that offers outstanding service, we are Lapstro in Bangalore available at all times.We deal with a wide range of desktop issues and can provide the best solution for any problem.You can book a repair with us and we will offer you with a low-cost on-site repair service for all desktops, including HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, and many other assembled PCs.Apple iMacs are also repaired here. You can buy everything at Lapstro. We have trained laptop repair technicians who will replace the RAM in your laptop promptly.All you have to do is schedule a repair appointment, and you'll receive the best laptop RAM replacement service in the city.We offer laptop RAM replacement services for all brands and models of laptops.So, regardless of which laptop you bring to us, we will fix it. Lapstro's goals are to provide you with excellent services with full responsibility and guarantee in contrast to operating at low costs by providing first-class service.

Types of RAM

There are different types of RAM available. These are

  • DRAM - DRAM is a type of RAM that employs an integrated circuit with a capacitor and transistor.The data bit is stored in the capacitor in this sort of


  • SRAM- SRAM differs from DRAM in that it stores information using four to six transistors.When the system delivers electricity, SRAM can keep the data in the transistors.

How much RAM do you have

If you're unsure how much RAM your computer has, it's simple to figure out. On a

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