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We don’t charge anything to check problem of your computer.

Our technicians have a lot of experience working on different platforms and have handled all sorts of hardware issues from time to time.

Yes, you can even use net banking / Paytm wallet payment / swipe machine to pay your technician.

We proudly offer a 7-day, 100% Laptop Service Centre Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our work. If we can’t fix your issue, we will reverse the transaction.

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Yes, you can get 30 days free service.

Yes, 90% laptops repaired at customer place.

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less than 1 hour’s time.

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we are well experienced to handle: Dell. HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba

Laptop keyboard repair price depends upon the dominant type of issue. If the issue is significant, it would cost you more, but the laptop keyboard replacement and repair value in India is going up. If the problem is associated with an entire keyboard, then the best option to consider is to look for a substitute. The whole laptop keyboard repair value gets introduced to the new laptop keyboard.

If there is any trouble with the specific keys or they are not running, it may be because of your language. After you have regarded that the situation is not hardware, that is the primary factor to check, this issue can arise due to dust in your laptop keyboards, or there might be a breakage in the keyboard's connection.

Laptop Services are Repair Services and are mostly paid ones. Laptop Service/Repair Center is the in-house all-in-one service provider of professional technical assistance in terms of repair and maintenance of Laptops.

Usually, there is no need for an appointment to be made. But, you can also call in the company to book your service, for better and timely service if you want it to be on priority.

Currently, there are no subscription packages, but if you want your laptop to have regular servicing, we can offer discount rates for the same.

Our technicians are certified employees/engineers and are experienced professionals who have handled all types of hardware/software issues from time to time.

There is hardly any chance if we are unable to solve the issue with your laptop, almost zero chances of that. In case it happens, we have refund policies if the laptop is in an unrepairable situation.

Yes, you can use any online method or cash payments to pay the technician.

No, we do not charge for detecting the issue in your laptop.

Yes, we do if the laptop is not in a condition to be brought to the service center.

We do not charge for home visits if your location is within 20kms of our service center.

We sign an NDA for the same, and also we retrieve all the data before the actual repair starts.

Nope! you may simply carry to your computer to our store, no appointment is important. We perform on a primary-come first-serve basis, but we provide Rush service in case you need your computer again properly away. We best want appointments for house calls.

We do no longer allow customers to attend even as a repair is being performed, this is because of health and protection and maintenance can take a few hours to finish and engineers aren’t especially operating on one restore at some stage in this era.

We will repair most computer systems & gadgets of any age, but every so often, this is not the case if we can’t reap substitute components or supported software programs.

We not get rid of or otherwise contact your data aside from for backup (which we’ll continually pass over with you first.) We take facts protection seriously and are trusted through large groups with their most sensitive information.

With such a lot of laptops to select from, selecting the excellent one to suit your budget may be like navigating a minefield. Even making feel of the ever-changing list of product specifications is not an easy feat. Laptops vary significantly by CPU velocity, photographs, functionality, size, force storage, and RAM, among different matters. What’s extra, your laptop wishes can be absolutely distinctive to someone else’s, handiest adding to the confusion.

The most surprising specifications in the global don't mean diddly if the laptop you're purchasing for does not have correct ergonomics. If you regularly do office or business work then you must have to ensure the most common thing i.e. if the keyboard offers proper and stable tactile comments. It is always advisable to choose a laptop from a showroom that has a smooth touchpad and you feel that the keyboard will also provide a different vibe of touch and have comfortable touchpad drivers.

If you're shopping for a large, cumbersome notebook or a gaming rig you will use handiest on a table near an outlet, you oughtn't to fear battery life. But, if you plan to use the PC on your lap, although it is at domestic and or paintings, you'll want a minimum of 7 hours of endurance, with 8+ hours being best. Always look for a laptop that has a better battery life as most business laptops provide good battery backup but most gaming and heavy laptops have very little battery backup. It's your

We provide services on a first-come-first-served basis. Our trained technicians, prepared with original additives, could be on-web page to evaluate the state of your tool inside the next four hours following your call.

Most people like printing at home rather than moving to shops, so repair the old one and there is no need to spend on a new printer because it is well worth repairing.

Again, that is a question and not using an actual simple solution. Commonly speaking, if no parts are involved (i.e.–cleaning or casting off a paper jam), our response time is the same day and also you’ll have your printer lower back in the operating situation on an equal day. If components are worried, it relies upon the make and model of the printer. Typically, we gain parts we order on the next commercial enterprise day. However, there are a few exceptions for particular makes of printers.

All Printer repair and services technicians are specialists in printer repair. Our technicians have been manufacturing facility educated to restore a diffusion of different manufacturers, makes and models of printers.

The maximum vital element to do is to stop the usage of the broken media. If it's miles always used, then it can cause extra intense damage from the heads scraping the platters, this will make the healing method very difficult or now not workable. Deliver it to us, where we can take a glance and offer you a specific assessment before any work is carried out.

The most essential component to do is to stop the use of the broken media. Make sure to avoid such media as much as possible as these are considered as one of the main reasons for data breaches and data loss. But you don't have to worry just bring it to us, where we can take a glance and offer you a specific assessment before any paintings are carried.

Almost 90% of the gadgets cannot be reusable if the trouble is logical. If there is physical damage to the device then there is no such big issue in using it again as the device can work effectively once data is completely recovered from the device.

There are possibilities while the harm to the hard drive is so bad that facts restoration is just no longer viable. This typically happens when the read/write heads sincerely “crash” or get critically broken. However, in several cases, data restoration is workable at the time the damage first came about.

Computer systems such as desktops normally have higher processing electricity and aspect availability; they have a larger variety of display availability and feature more space for added parts. You'll, but, need to buy additional components to make use of it fully (i.e., monitors).

Basically, it is always advisable to buy a computer from the best computer dealer or showroom as they provide you the product with warranty and guarantee and thus the computer must be fully checked, also such dealers provide servicing of the computer. Repair services along with extra essential products are also available by such computer dealers and showrooms.

This might be the question of most of the public, but don't worry, Lapstro is always there for you as our company provides a list of the best computer dealers and showrooms in Bangalore that has a very experienced team of technicians and employees. So don't worry and sit back as we have done work for you.

The major advantage of a laptop screen replacement is that it saves a loss of cost if you think of buying a new one as this is a process that takes only 1/3rd of the total cost of buying a new laptop.

It could take one to two days, but with the help of a professional laptop screen repair, it could take only hours to fix and update your laptop screen. The simplest time taking is buying the display suitable for your model. That small enterprise will nearly truly buy the substitute screen from the store and then the experts can update it.

This is not a task that can be easily done at home as there is a need for experts and an expert laptop technician can be able to discover the trouble. The tech assistant will locate the components that are required for laptop screen repair. In case you attempt to repair it for your personal, it can cause extra complications. You could even emerge as buying a completely new laptop and that will cost you a lot.

The time taken to install an OS varies on the internet speed and the speed of the computer. Usually it takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

The price range for installing as OS varies between 500 to 700 depending upon the type of OS you choose and other factors.

Yes, installation of an OS can be done at home.

It is possible to upgrade RAM at any moment.However, you must first determine whether the RAM is compatible with the motherboard.You can use it if your RAM is compatible.

No, replacing the RAM will not alter the data in your drives.

Adding more RAM to a laptop increases power consumption by a noticeable (though minor) amount, but this should not be a problem for most users.Because any power savings will be quickly lost due to increased disc paging, it's better to have a little too much RAM than not enough.

An SSD will load everything faster, but RAM will allow you to keep more windows open at the same time.An SSD is the way to go if your computer is unacceptably slow in everything it does, but if, for example, your computer only acts up after you open your "tonnes of tabs," you'll want the RAM bump.

You do not require any software.The only thing you need to do is enable the XMP profile in BIOS to ensure that your new RAM runs at maximum speed rather than the default, which is significantly slower.

Sudden desktop shut down, installation failure when trying to install anything, long time to load any document, sudden freeze, automatic rebooting, or seeing a blue screen before resetting your desktop are all common indications of RAM failure.You may suffer latency or stuttering while playing games if you're a gamer.

The majority update their HDD pressure with an SSD is overall performance. Relying on the challenge, SSDs can be up to ten instances quicker than their HDD opposite numbers. Changing your hard disk with an SSD is one of the first-class things you can do to enhance your laptop's performance dramatically.

SSDs are quicker, extra durable, more compact, quieter, and devour less electricity. HDDs are greater, less expensive and may provide simpler records restoration inside the event of harm. So long as the rate isn't the figuring out aspect, SSDs come out on top, particularly because innovative SSDs are pretty much as reliable as HDDs.

It's time to improve to an SSD if you're using hard mechanical power to your computer. In recent times, SSD is considered as the best and one of the biggest upgrade that one can easily provide to its laptop or computers. Even the cost of SSDs has also been decreased a lot.

Clean your computer's ventilation frequently, defrag your laptop, run your computer faster and prevent disk failure.

After recovering your files in their original condition, we return your data on the return media of your choice.

While there are plenty of data recovery solutions available, there is no way to use software to correct physical media concerns. Operating your hard disc after a component failure can cause catastrophic damage.

This is a broad question. Malfunctioning a hard drive can slow down your computer, but there can be other reasons.

This is a tricky question to answer. Yes, the answer is likely. Hard drives create noises, especially if they are old or poorly constructed.

It would help if you stopped using laptops with damaged hinges with immediate effect because they may purpose the screen to crack or destroy the wires connecting the display to the motherboard. It is highly advisable that you must avoid using your laptop if the hinge is broken. In such cases, you need to convey your computer to your nearest PC carrier centre and have the broken hinge changed.

Yes, there is a significant drawback of a broken laptop hinge that might harm the display and the connecting wires of the display screen quite easily. And in such conditions, choosing a better laptop hinge repair and replacement is a perfect choice as this task is not easy to practice at home. Lapstro helps you find the best laptop hinge repair and replacement service provider in Bangalore.

A simple laptop hinge repair and replacement in Bangalore costs about Rs.500 and Rs. 1000. However, if there are any other discrepancies in your laptops, this charge can be changed according to your laptop's needs, such as if there is an issue in the front bezel or back of the screen, the value might also surpass Rs.3000. The technician can also need to insert specialized braces to repair the hinges in rare situations.

Yes, it is advisable either to get repaired or replaced as if it is broken, it might cause some more damage to your display, which directly affects your PC. So, it is a better option to go for a hinge repair or replacement.

Solving a laptop DC power charging jack without soldering is not workable in maximum cases. The laptop DC power jack is, without delay, soldered at the motherboard in that case.

To repair a laptop DC power jack, you need first to perceive the source of the hassle. If the laptop DC power jack is connected to the motherboard, you may effortlessly do away with and update it. If the power jack is going soldered to the motherboard, you will desolder it and replace it with a terrific one. But this is not a task that an individual can perform efficiently at home, as it is one of the essential parts of a laptop and thus needs help from technician experts for better results.

It is always one of the best solution to replace or repair the damaged DC power jack of your lapop as it can cause danger. It can even harm your charger pin or damage the motherboard.

kjhhyNot indeed, the problem could be caused by a malfunctioning DC jack, battery, AC adapter, or any other component. However, a malfunctioning motherboard could also be the reason.

It is debatable. In certain circumstances, the Motherboard may have one malfunctioning capacitor. If that's the case, we can remove the old one and replace it with a new one. However, if many motherboard components are damaged, we will need to replace them.

No, your data is safe when your Motherboard is repaired or replaced. At Lapstro, take preventive measures to ensure that no information is lost during any repair.

A virus is an undesirable application that enters a user's system without perception, and it can self-repeat and unfold. A virus is hazardous for your laptop as it performs unwanted activities on your device and thus causes damage to files and folders. A virus may be thought of as a contamination of the PC, whereas antivirus software, because the name shows, is software that works in opposition to virus safety. The primary function of antivirus is to detect the virus and its type and thus work a

Using any software on your laptop will gradually slow down, and antivirus software is no exception. Whenever you run a scan, mainly a radical one, this system will use CPU cycles to achieve the job. If you manifest to use any other packages that use overall processing strength, you could word a few slowdowns.

Yes, your laptop device can also get attacked by the virus from any form of the detachable device (DVD, CD, flash pressure, brutal external power, etc.), particularly when transferring documents from one laptop to some other. It is ideal to constantly experiment with a detachable device before beginning a record of it or copying the document on your laptop.

Because of battery degeneration, a laptop's ability to keep a charge can be compromised.

Allow Lapstro to repair your Dell PC or tablet to extend the life of your equipment. Don't panic if your computer is broken or just slowing down. We're Dell PC and tablet experts, and we're here to assist.

The laptop's general service includes chemical cleaning of internal elements, such as the motherboard and processor. The cooling paste is replaced on the motherboard and graphic card heat sink, which is necessary for the laptop's smooth operation.

Yes, you can easily improve the life cycle of your laptop battery but can't increase its lifetime. The habits you can easily follow to improve your laptop battery life are: - 1. Don't remove Laptop from charging before 100% 2. Remove Laptop from charging if not used for a long time. 3. Discharge the Laptop when it is fully charged 4. Avoid high temperature

No, not almost every Laptop is designed to forestall charging the battery when it reaches complete charge. As soon as the battery is fully charged, some branded laptops will preserve to apply power from the AC adapter. At the same time, some laptops do allow laptops to get overcharged as they do not have such abilities.

In case you are working, and while plugged in, however, the Laptop stops working after it is unplugged, then the battery of your Laptop is not good, or your Laptop is not charging the battery. Beneath are steps that may be taken to assist perceive what's causing this trouble. 1. Left the laptop power plugged in 2. Removal and reconnection of laptop battery 3. Disconnect all the unnecessary accessories 4. Try to use hibernate settings of your Laptop 5. Avoid third party software

Laptop keyboard repair price depends upon the dominant type of issue. If the issue is significant, it would cost you more, but the laptop keyboard replacement and repair value in India is going up. If the problem is associated with an entire keyboard, then the best option to consider is to look for a substitute. The whole laptop keyboard repair value gets introduced to the new laptop keyboard.

If there is any trouble with the specific keys or they are not running, it may be because of your language. After you have regarded that the situation is not hardware, that is the primary factor to check, this issue can arise due to dust in your laptop keyboards, or there might be a breakage in the keyboard's connection.

It is always a first thought that needs to be done if your laptop charger is damaged or has some charging issues. You can opt for a laptop charger repair service such as lapstro to get it diagnosed, and if it is necessary, the best alternative is to repair it.

Your laptop charger provides efficiency to your laptop. But it's all up to you, and it will be only your call whether you want an original charger or you can operate your laptop with a duplicate one. Both the charger will be practical, and there is not much difference between a duplicate or an original one as the functioning is the same, but the only thing that can matter in both is service features. As original chargers can easily be checked and repaired at their official stores, duplicate one